Friday, April 14, 2023

4/15 (sat) Book signing @ KOBO, Seattle


I will be signing books at KOBO HIGO in Japantown on Saturday, April 15 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. Please come by :) 

During this time, the neighborhood will be having Sakura Matsuri, celebrating the season of cherry blossoms. what a beautiful time of year! I also went to Ohanami (cherry blossom viewing) near my friend's house the other day. They were in full bloom and made my heart wide open. 

4月15日土曜日午後3時半から5時半の間、JAPANTOWNの KOBO HIGO さんに本のサインをしにお邪魔させていただきます。ぜひ遊びにきてください🌸 JAPANTTOWN地区はSAKURA MATSURIだそうです!わたしも先日お友達宅の近くでお花見をしてきました。桜がシアトルは今満開です!春の到来にうきうきしてる自分がいる:)


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